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Ember Mug

Mugs are one of the items that can be found in every home. It takes hot fluids, mainly tea, coffee, and hot chocolates. A mug is more or less a formal container style and is usually not used in proper places or settings. The majority are made of ceramics because of their conductivity Ceramics have various properties, which make them better than materials used in making other products. Ceramics have low melting points. When ceramic is placed close to a fire, it just heats the cup to a very high temperature. Ceramics are very rigid. They have a body structure that keeps them tough enough to avoid breaking easily. The mug holds almost a volume of 240-350ml. The aim of many mug designs is thermal insulation. The rigid walls or frames of a mug keep the fluid insulated, which prevents it from cooling other than the walls or edges of a teacup. The bottom of a mug is not made flat but concave or has another rim, reducing the thermal contact on the surface on which the mug is placed. The handle of a mug is like a semi-circle, reducing the heat flow between the mug and the hand. There are various mugs, such as ceramic coffee mugs, stainless steel mugs, stoneware coffee mugs, travel mugs, and ember mugs.

A Travel mug is a trendy mug. Many individuals use travel mugs daily as they are very well insulated and prevent the liquid in them from spilling. Still, it also has an opening on the lid through which the fluid preserved in it could be taken when in motion without any form of spillage. The very first way through which a fluid losses heat is through evaporation. This is why the lid is necessary to keep the liquid heated. Mugs with two walls, the inner and outer wall but not treated with vacuum, are called double wall mugs. Usually, the material used for the inner wall is stainless steel, and other materials will be used for the outer wall. There are sure mugs designed for driving, and such mug is called auto mug, but they are also known as commuter mugs. They have a narrow base that allows them to fit into cup holders for cars and a lid opening for easy drinking and to avoid spillage. When choosing the travel mug that best suits you, there are a few factors to consider, like the size, material, and insulation. Travel mugs are usually made from aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel. But, the best material for a travel mug is metal because of its high insulation power; it will keep drinks at whatever temperature they are put into the travel mugs. The pros and cons of a plastic travel mug and a metal travel mug are listed below.



Different lids are attached to each travel mug according to the one which fits best for each:

• Snap-on

The snap-on lid is a travel mug lid that is spill resistant and can suction to the inside of the mug through the aid of a rubber gasket. 

• Screw-on

It is another travel mug that is spill resistant as well, but you slide the lock on the lid head to keep the fluid intact 

• Press-on

This type of travel mug lid secures the top of the mug without any rubber gasket beneath it.

• Thermos Cap

The thermos cap lid screws onto the top of the mug without opening to drink from on the travel mug’s lid. 

• Bottle Cap

The Bottle cap lid is similar to the Thermos cap lid, which doesn’t have any opening for sipping the drink from at the top, and it is also screwed onto the mug but doesn’t have any rubber gasket. 

• Handled Cap

The handled cup is a travel mug lid that is screwed onto the body of the travel mug without any opening to drink from the top, and it has a handle that makes it easier to carry

• Attached Cap

The attached cap is also directly screwed onto the top of the mug, and it is not removable without any opening to drink from on the top.

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There are various ways through which a drink could be taken from a travel mug, either with the aid of a straw, by pressing the button on the lid, rotating the lid to open or close, flipping the top of the lid, or with the dual purpose whereby the lid unscrews to become a mug. 

Time and ages have gone by, and the world has grown into a technological “smart” age. Many people always want their drink to maintain a temperature for an extended period and, if possible, up to when they are ready to consume it. To avoid the cost of gas, companies firstly developed the electrical kettle heater, which helps heat water. The electric heater has a highly insulated kettle that keeps water heated for some time after it’s been boiled. But this wasn’t mobile has. People needed something they could take anywhere and wouldn’t be space-consuming. However, the travel mugs were good but not lasting as people wanted. Companies went further and brought about the idea of the Ember mug. The Ember mug is the world’s first intelligent temperature control mug which has a long-lasting battery life and extends the period over which your drink would remain at the temperature you desire and can be controlled from your phone. Since the development of the Ember mug, many individuals have found it easy and relaxing to keep their drinks at their desired temperature. 

The Ember mug is made up of:

Ember Travel Mug (espressogear.com)

The Ember mug has a travel mug that works just the same as the mug but is made up of a different component. An Ember travel mug is made up of: 

Ember mug 1 vs Ember mug 2

The Ember mug two was released, and there have been some significant differences between the Ember mug one and the Ember travel mug. 

 Though the Ember mug is an excellent brand, other brands in the market are competitors to the Ember mug in the industry. The brands all have their special features, which make them differ from one another. Ohom and Brumate are big brands in the mug industry that are competitors to the Ember mug. 

The Ohom brand also has a self-heating mug with a charging pad that helps keep your beverages at the desired temperature until you are ready to consume them. The charging pad of the ohom self-heating mug makes use of electromagnetic to keep the mug heated; therefore, the charging pad remains warm to the touch, which allows you to place your phone to charge without having any risk of getting your phone damaged. The charging pad also charges earbuds. The Ohom has a strainer that is made with stainless steel and can be used for extraction from your beverage. It doesn’t have a battery life or doesn’t make use of a battery as it is sustainable. The ohom brand also has a self-heating teapot which works exactly like the mug but in a teapot format. A unique product from the ohm brand is the self-purifying bottle. The bottle, when turned on, uses its internal source of light to shine UV light on the water in the bottle for a few minutes before drinking it, making it purified and free from germs. It eliminates about 99.9% of germs. The Ohom Uvio bottle can keep your drink cold for 4hours without the pouch and can keep the drink cold for up to 8 hours with the pouch. It comes fully charged and can last for 100 cycles, equivalent to one year.

The brumate brand is not a self-heating mug but a well-insulating mug with a very high technology that prevents your drink from spilling, and you can always be on the move. The brumate mug assures keeping your drink at your desired temperature without giving a metallic aftertaste during consumption. It has a leak-proof locking lid which keeps your drinks and beverages tightly locked and prevents them from spillage even if it turns over.


The Ember mug has many colors, but it is now available in copper color, while the travel mug is only available in black color. The price of the Ember mug 1 is about $129, while the ember mug 2 is about $179. The Ember mug is said to be the best friend of the busy coffee lover. 

Battery warning

The battery life of the Ember mug can vary depending on the temperature to which the mug is exposed. The best temperature recommended for the Ember cup is 74oc and a desired or ambient temperature for your beverage. 

Color Indication

There are various colors in which the Ember mug would show and indicate different meanings.

Solid red: The Ember mug has a low battery and can’t attain the desired temperature. 

Pulsing red: This means the mug is plugged into the coaster, and it’s charging 

Solid green: This indicated the Ember mug is fully charger

Pulsing white: This shows that fluid has been poured into the mug, and it is working to attain your desired and set temperature

Solid white: This indicates the Ember mug has reached the desired temperature and the content is ready to be consumed

Pulsing blue: This indication comes up after the ember button has been pressed for a few seconds (5-7 seconds) to indicate it is in the pairing mode

Blinking Yellow Green: This indication comes up after the Ember mug has been pressed for 8-10 seconds, and it indicates the Ember mug is being reset

How to wash the Ember mug

The Ember mug and the Ember travel mug are very delicate items and need to be treated with a lot of caution; therefore, they have specific ways in which they are cleaned or washed. Ember mugs must be washed with a soft sponge, Luke-warm water, and soapy water. After the mug has been washed, let it be air dried, or you can be dried with a clean cloth. Do not place a wet mug on the charger coaster. A wet mug on the ring can cause corrosion of the coils on the charging coaster, leading to the mug not charging correctly. Do stir the content in the mug with a metal spoon; it is best advised to mix the content in the mug with a wooden spoon. Use only hand wash to wash your Ember mug, and do not use any other detergent to clean your ember mug. The Ember mug should not be put in the dishwasher.

Ember Reviews

Reviews on the product are of good ratings to the products. Some rating on the products is based on:


  • It gives their coffee the desired temperature
  • Even after getting involved in a lot of activities, they still come back to get the coffee at a temperature they like
  • It functions very easy and it is easy to use
  • The long period of time It keeps the beverage preserved for
  • The aesthetics of the mug