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Hario V60 vs Chemex – A Brew Method Stand-Off

This is a Hario V60 vs Chemex coffee maker stand-off! In the red corner… the Hario v60! In the blue corner… the Chemex! Let’s get ready to rumble! Come on! We’re coffee lovers. We are peaceful people, right? The Hario v60 and the Chemex are two very popular devices for making manual drip coffee or pour-over coffee.  Pour-over …

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What is Coffee?

Ever wondered, when you pour your steaming morning cup of joe: what exactly is coffee? It’s black, tasty (I hope) and energizing. But WHAT is it? The grounds don’t grow on trees. You probably know they come from coffee beans. But what are those? And where do they come from. I myself had only a …

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