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The “fresh brew” you receive at your hotel while traveling is often anything but fresh. If you’re lucky and happen to get a coffee pot right in your room, you have to open a bag of the cheap stuff and prepare it in the “maybe washed” coffee pot. As a coffee connoisseur traveling to Seattle, that is just not the way to start your day.

Starting your day off right is essential when traveling or on vacation. That is why knowing the best spot to find the best pick-me-up in town is crucial. Start your day off right with the best cup of coffee possible in Seattle.

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Seattle You Don’t Want to Miss

On your next visit, don’t worry about looking for the best coffee shops in Seattle because you found them right here. Take a look at the top ten best places to get coffee in the Seattle area.

Located at 4735 40th Ave, you will find a coffee connoisseur’s delight. Sounds and Fog is a local favorite and is known for being a great place to get a quick breakfast and a fantastic cup of coffee. This location is highly rated, and the coffee is considered top tier.

Unfortunately, this location does not offer much when it comes to seating, aside from a couple of tables outside. So, you will have to get your Java and pastries to go. That doesn’t stop Sounds and Fog from being known for its friendly staff and excellent service.

If it’s a little later in the day and you aren’t looking for an extra caffeine boost, Sounds and Fog also offers something unique that not every coffee shop has, beer and wine. At the end of the day, you can take a load off and relax and enjoy a cold brew or a cold one before heading home. Definitely don’t forget to take advantage of their coffee subscription and enjoy some of the best coffee in Seattle, where ever you may live.

If you are looking for a delicious smooth pick-me-up, look no further than Milstead & Co, located at 754 N 34th St. The locals know this to be one of the best coffee shops in Seattle, and boy, does it live up to that reputation.

From great views to a friendly atmosphere, Milstead & Co. offers coffee lovers a spacious place to work and enjoy great views of the city. They are known for having an incredible pour-over that goes down smoothly. Their decorative drinks are Instagram-worthy and will draw you in to see another design each morning you are in the Coffee Capital of the world.

Although this coffee wonderland is extremely popular and can get busy, it is still a great place to enjoy delicious pastries made on-site while finishing your lecture notes. Milstead & Co. is a must-stop on your next trip to Seattle.

This coffee shop started in the early 2000s with the goal of representing old Jazz, the 1920s, and flappers. While the original, most unique location is situated at 411 15th Ave, 3 other sites with similarly unique but different styles and vibes have popped up around the city. The creamy exterior and rustic brick wall interior give the place a warm and chill vibe that everyone can enjoy.

Locals call this coffee haven a place to relax and enjoy a hot cup of Joe with friends. While being an excellent place to socialize and catch up, Victrola Coffee is also a place where you can comfortably stretch out and get some work done.

If you are someone that is out later and want to get a decorative coffee for Instagram or need to get your hands on a dirty chai, Victrola Coffee is open later than coffee shops traditionally close. You won’t regret stopping by Victrola and coffee and enjoying some of the best coffee in Seattle.

Stumptown, located at 1115 12th Ave, has a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of room to rest while enjoying your favorite brew with friends. It is known by locals for having a solid cup of coffee that is a “sip of heaven” that anyone can enjoy.

The vibe you get at Stumptown is one where they expect more socializing than eating or working. Since there are few tables, you are forced to hold your drink while engaging with others. This forces you to focus on the world around you rather than a meal or your laptop.

Stumptown is not only known for having the best, high-quality cold brew in the rainy city, but it also boasts pastries that are “to die for.” Don’t forget to sign up for their coffee subscription so that you can take the best coffee in Seattle home with you at the end of your trip.

Located in the Century Link Plaza at 1600 17 Ave Ste 105, Anchorhead offers a rustic and cozy place where coffee lovers can enjoy a great cold brew or decorative brew. Locals love the unique style and comfortable environment for their morning coffee needs.

On top of being known for some of the best cold brews in the city, Anchorhead also offers an excellent breakfast for anyone to enjoy. Not only do they have an incredible waffle breakfast, but Anchorhead is also incredibly inclusive, offering vegan options for those that want it.

Something unique about Anchorhead is that their cold brews are served in a clear glass that is shaped exactly like a soda can. Be sure to take that incredible soda can glass flavor home with you by taking advantage of Anchorhead’s coffee subscription. Enjoy coffee from the best coffee shop in Seattle, wherever you may be.

If you are someone that enjoys the traditional hipster vibe, look no further than Slate, located at 5417 6th Ave. If you are looking for a place to sit and enjoy your coffee, unfortunately, Slate is not the place for you as there is not much room to move about. On the flip side, if you are a coffee snob and on the go, stop by for one of the best brews you will ever experience.

The workers at Slate pay extra attention to detail and are excited to offer you incredible flavors that will make you want to return to Seattle. On top of offering an excellent cup of coffee, Slate is extremely focused on providing quality in all capacities. This includes having close relationships with vendors and partners to ensure you get the best of the best that Seattle has to offer.

Be sure to stop by and grab the best coffee in Seattle and take it home with you by subscribing to Slate’s coffee subscription.

Located at 532 Broadway E, Vivace is well known for offering an incredible espresso that you would die for. Vivace is hailed as a wonderful place to get consistently great coffee by locals and coffee snobs all around.

Their decorative drinks are known around the city, and their white velvet drink is a must-try. If you are looking to have a good time with friends, Vivace has tons of seating and a great atmosphere that the entire group can enjoy. DO NOT come here if you are looking for a quiet place to study. You will fail that test.

If you are looking to have every other cup of coffee ruined for you, your first sip of Vivace coffee will hook you for life. You will inevitably be forced to move to the Emerald City just for your morning java.

If you are interested in a pet-friendly environment with incredible pastries, Olympia Coffee Roasters is the place to be. Located at 600 4th Ave E, Olympia Coffee Roasters offers locals and tourists an extreme variety of coffees and breakfast foods that everyone can enjoy.

Oddly, this friendly environment has lots of room but is quite spacious with lots of room but simultaneously feels empty. This is likely due to the minimalist and modern style the owners are going for. This spacious, quiet environment is an excellent location for students to knock out some schoolwork.

Stop in and enjoy a decorative drink or try their famous mocha that locals rave about. Don’t forget to cross this location off your list as one of the best coffee shops in Seattle.

While not quite being exclusively a coffee shop, General Porpoise is considered the best donut shop in Capitol Hill. Located at 2101 7th Ave, you will have an easy time parking and going in for a fresh donut and morning coffee.

Since this location is more of a donut shop than a coffee haven, your brew options are pretty limited. Don’t let that fool you. Locals still boast about the delicious espresso, pour-over, and cold brew they enjoy with their morning donuts.

Stop in and enjoy the great vibe as you hang out with your friends and enjoy your donuts and coffee in the unique garage aesthetic. A must-stop for any coffee java enthusiast.

10: Starbucks

Ok, Starbucks isn’t something that you would typically find on a “top coffee shops” list for any city; for the most part, it shouldn’t be. Starbucks makes the list in Seattle as it is the first Starbucks to exist, and it is a must-stop for the experience more than coffee.

Located at 1912 Pike Pl, you can pick up your favorite Starbucks brew or frappe while looking around at the displays and artwork around the store. This location is more museum-esque than a coffee shop as it shows the history of Starbucks and its journey.

While you shouldn’t stop by if you are looking for something different in the coffee department, you should look at this piece of coffee history on your next trip to Seattle.

Enjoy the Best Coffee in Seattle

You don’t become known as the coffee capital of the world for no reason. With a work of coffee shops located at every corner, there is something there for everyone. See if you can stop at all 10 coffee shops listed to get a taste of all their famous brews and pastries. If you hope to find the best coffee in Seattle, this guide will lead you to it.