About Monsieur Coffee

My name is Paul, but you may have guessed I go by Monsieur Coffee on this website. I am passionate about great coffee. 

As most people I drank my first cup of coffee when I was a teenager. To be fair: right now I wouldn’t call that first cup a real cup of coffee. The drink came from one of those large coffee machines you might find at offices or airports. I can’t say it was good, but it kept me awake at my weekend job at a wholesaler.

I wasn’t until I moved out of my parents house when I was in my early twenties when I needed to figure out how to make a good cup of coffee. Up to that point I had been relying on my mother for that.

That started a years long quest for the perfect cup of coffee and slowly build my fascination for the stuff. I read books, I experimented and tasted for years. And I still do. In my world you can never learn enough about coffee.

I started Monsieur Coffee because I wanted to do something with the knowledge I gathered. I wanted to share. So, I took to the internet.

My mission on this site is to share with what I know and learn about coffee and to help you make the best cup of coffee for you

Life is too short to drink bad coffee. A cliché, I know… And yet, there are millions of people around the world who drink bad coffee every day. Stale, badly brewed coffee seems to be the norm. At Monsieurcoffee.com it is my goal is to provide you with the information you need to enjoy great coffee. 

It’s not difficult, believe me. 

Sure, it might take a bit of effort to brew a great cup of coffee. But it is not difficult. Everyone can do it. 

I firmly believe that the best coffee is made at home. Off course there is a time and place for coffee on the go or in a restaurant or coffee shop. But in my opinion you aren’t doing yourself (and you wallet) any favors if the best coffee you drink isn’t made in your own kitchen.

What you can Expect from me

You may hold me to the following promise:

I will write articles that will offer you the best information out there without any commercial bias. I don’t do sponsorships, and if I decide to do one, I will tell you upfront.

But, in all fairness, building, hosting and maintaining a website can cost a lot of money. To prevent this hobby (because it is still a hobby) to become financially unsustainable a have become an Amazon Affiliate. This means that when a link on this website goes to Amazon, and you decide to buy the linked product there, I get a commission. 

I wish you the best coffee in the world.

Caffeinated greetings,