Best gooseneck kettles for home baristas

The best gooseneck kettles for serious coffee geeks

What are the best goosneck kettles for making coffee?

A good gooseneck kettle can make the life of a home barista a whole lot easier. Strictly speaking, it is a luxury item. You don’t NEED a gooseneck kettle to brew a great cup of coffee. You can make perfectly acceptable pour-over coffee with a standard hot water kettle. 

But a good gooseneck kettle will make brewing pour-over coffee a joy. It allows you to control the water flow into your pour-over cone and pour in nice and stable circular shapes. And let’s be honest. It is nice to have great gear. If coffee making is an important daily ritual for you, there is no harm in spending a little money on it.

The kettles we discuss are quality pieces of gear that don’t go out of date. There is no need for an annual upgrade, so chances are you buy one to last you a lifetime.

Choosing a gooseneck kettle is a choice between extreme simplicity and functions. Some of the kettles we discuss have pretty useful features, some offer the best quality without any fuss. 

The choice is yours, but let Monsieur Coffee help you. Read on for our top picks.

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For those in a hurry:

The best value-for-money gooseneck kettle

Brewista Smart Pour electric gooseneck

Do you really need a gooseneck kettle to make great pour-over coffee?

If you define ‘need’ as not being able to make it without one, the answer is ‘no.’ I made pour-over coffee without a gooseneck kettle for years and had no complaints. In my opinion, I made delicious pour-over coffee with my Hario V60 using a standard, cheap-but-functional electric kettle. 

But then I had the opportunity to try a gooseneck kettle for a while. 

And… I was sold.

Pouring is so much easier with the gooseneck kettle,  I never looked back. Sure, I had to give it back, but I ordered one for myself immediately. 

A gooseneck kettle enables you to control the water flow in ways you can’t even imagine. When you are using a standard electric or stovetop kettle pouring is very uncontrolled. Getting the right amount of water into a pour-over cone was more a matter of splashing the water in than pouring the water in.

With a gooseneck kettle, the water flow is stable. Slight variations in the tilting of the vessel have far less impact on the water flow than with a traditional kettle. With a conventional kettle, the changes in water flow are very sudden, with the gooseneck kettle they are smooth.

So, again, no, you don’t need a gooseneck kettle. But it sure is nice to have one. If you can afford one, I recommend you get one.

What to look for in a gooseneck kettle?

With any purchase, it is a good idea to ask yourself some questions before making a decision. We have answered the question: “Do I really need a gooseneck kettle?”

Provided the answer is “yes,” it is time to move on to the next questions. In my opinion, the two main questions you should be asking are:

“What do I expect from a gooseneck kettle?” and “What is my budget?”

The first question determines what your expectations are in terms of functionality (e.g. does it need to be electric or not?), design (i.e.: do you care what it looks like?), and usability (e.g. are your prepared for a steep learning curve or do you want to be able to use it out of the box?).

The budget question is fundamental also. You might have a lot of demands and expectations when it comes to a gooseneck kettle, but if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy one that suits your needs, you have a problem.

characteristics of the best gooseneck kettles

First, let’s take a look at the expectations you might have: what characteristics should you look for in a gooseneck kettle?

Gooseneck kettle: electric or not?

The obvious first step is to decide whether to choose an electric gooseneck kettle or a stovetop gooseneck kettle. But it is not necessarily a question that’s easy to answer.

You might already have a decent electric kettle. Do you really want an extra device cluttering your countertop? You could boil the water in the kettle you already have and pour it into the gooseneck kettle for making pour-over coffee. This not only saves space on your countertop but also money. Non-electric gooseneck kettles are generally cheaper than electric ones.

A downside is that you give up the possibilities of extra features. For instance, some electric gooseneck kettles allow you to heat water to a specific temperature. A great option to have for coffee making. Another downside is the extra step. You first need to heat water in your electric kettle and pour it into the gooseneck kettle. This might seem a minor point, but it is an extra step nonetheless. 

An electric gooseneck kettle has the obvious benefits mentioned above: extra features, no additional steps. The main downside was also already mentioned. The slow pouring rate of the gooseneck kettle might be annoying when you try to make a quick cup of tea. So, a dedicated electric gooseneck kettle is best for people who only heat water for coffee. And for those van afford them, because generally speaking electric gooseneck kettles are a bit more expensive than non-electric gooseneck kettles. 

The capacity of different gooseneck kettles

The capacity or size of the kettle is another thing to keep in mind when deciding on a gooseneck kettle. Kettles are available in all shapes and sizes. The larger ones are very suitable for people who make multiple cups of pour-over coffee at a time (like baristas). The smaller ones are more suitable for home-users who make one or two cups of coffee.

So, unless you are a professional barista, home users are best off buying a gooseneck kettle with a capacity between 0.5 and 1.2 liters.

Gooseneck kettles: flow rate or pouring rate

The flow or pouring rate of a gooseneck kettle is a very personal preference. Some people like a faster flow rate, and some people like a slower pour rate. There’s no way of knowing beforehand. It is a matter of experience.

If this is your first gooseneck kettle, I would suggest choosing a kettle with a slower flow rate. This allows you to learn using a gooseneck kettle. But be sure to test the kettle immediately. If you think it is too slow, you can always return it.

Gooseneck kettles with built-in thermometers?

Some kettles have a built-in thermometer. Better yet, some of the electric gooseneck kettles even have the ability to set specific temperatures. This really is a neat feature if you want to geek out and experiment with brewing coffee at different temperatures. 

Brewing temperature is a hot topic. It can really make a big difference in taste. At the various world championship in coffee brewing, the recipes explicitly state the temperature at which the coffee was brewed.

The design of gooseneck kettles

The final point to take a look at is design and aesthetics. Of course, built quality and usability are the most critical aspects of a gooseneck kettle, but we all also love beautiful things. Some manufacturers have given design and aesthetics more thought than others. 

Some gooseneck kettles look truly utilitarian, while others are beautiful and almost like a piece of art.

Let your own taste be your guide. But remember, don’t judge a book by its cover. Looks don’t say a thing about the quality of the product.

How much does a Gooseneck kettle cost? The budget question

What does a gooseneck kettle cost? The budget question.

As said, you can have a lot of demands and expectations. But if you don’t have the budget to match these, you have a problem.

The gooseneck kettles in this round-up cost between 30 USD and 200 USD. The best quality non-electric gooseneck kettle on this list costs a little less than 50 USD. Our favorite electric gooseneck kettle has all the features you’d want and costs less than 100 USD. The cheapest on our list is a great entry-level non-electric kettle. The most expensive gooseneck kettle on the list costs about 200 USD. But is also the only one on the list over 100 USD.

So, there should be something for anyone. Of course, there are a lot more gooseneck kettles on the market. Our review and test process revealed that a lot of these just aren’t up to standard. The five gooseneck kettles in this review are all of excellent quality and won’t disappoint you.

How to find the best gooseneck kettles?

The coffee pour-over kettle is among the most iconic pieces of gear in the contemporary third wave of coffee movement. You might have seen them first in your local hipster-minimalist coffee shop where the bearded barista wowed you with careful circular pouring techniques. You might think it is all show and no substance. 

But you would be wrong.

Here’s the thing: a gooseneck kettle doesn’t just look cool. It is used because it makes brewing pour-over coffee a lot easier. 

But, if you buy one, buy a good one to last you a lifetime. I guarantee that every kettle on the list below is a quality product that won’t disappoint you. It is only a matter of preference. Which one of these gooseneck kettles is right for you?

These are the best gooseneck kettles on the market with an option for any budget and any preference:

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these.

The best gooseneck kettles: reviews

In the next part, we’re taking a closer look at the six best gooseneck kettles we have found. You won’t be disappointed by any of these. Find one that suits your expectations and your budget.

In the reviews below you will find links to the products mentioned. If you click these links and buy a product on Amazon, we earn a small commission for referring you. This helps keep this site alive and independent. #CommissionsKeepSmallSitesAlive

HARIO BUONO Gooseneck Kettle Review

The Hario Buono is the “O.G.” of gooseneck kettles. For many years this kettle from the famous Japanese glassware maker Hario was the only serious option on the market. The combination of the Hario V60 coffee dripper and the Hario Buono gooseneck kettle is classic.

Nowadays, the Hario Buono has a couple of variations. The original one is the 1.2 liter (or 40 oz). But there is also a slightly smaller 1 liter (or 34 oz) version. 

In recent years, Hario has added an electric version to the line-up. This one is a bit more expensive and has a maximum capacity of 0.8 liters (or 27 oz). 

A desgin classic

The Hario Buono is a beautiful kettle. It has the same curvy style which Hario is famous for in their glassware. Just take a look at the Hario coffee servers. Can you see the similarities? 

Large size

The original 1.2 liter (or 40 oz) Hario Buono is one of the bigger gooseneck kettles on the market. For professional baristas that are brewing coffee daily, all of the time, this is pretty handy. But for home users, it might be a bit excessive. Mostly you will need a maximum of 500 ml (or 16.9 oz) liquid per brew session (about 100 ml or 3.4 oz to wet the filter and 400 ml or 13.5 oz to brew). Fortunately, Hario has a 1 liter stovetop kettle in their line-up nowadays.

My advice for home users would be: save a couple of bucks and buy the 1 liter (or 34 oz) version. If you prefer an electric gooseneck kettle, you are limited to a 0.8 liter (or 27 oz) capacity, which is still fine for home use.

Fast flow rate

Compared to a lot of the other electric gooseneck kettles we review, the Hario Buono has a very fast flow rate.

It still offers superior control when compared to a conventional kettle, but the other kettles in this review have either more narrow spouts or less water pressure, which results in a slower flow rate. A slower flow rate might be beneficial for those of you who have never used a gooseneck kettle before.

Don’t get me wrong. I would recommend the classic Hario Buono to everyone, but if you prefer a slower flow rate, a different gooseneck kettle might be better for you.

Hario Buono review conclusion:

The Hario Buono is a beautiful kettle that gets the job done. It isn’t the most feature-rich or most technologically advanced model on the market, but it is the O.G. of the gooseneck kettles. You can’t go wrong with this fundamental piece of equipment, just be aware that this kettle has a faster flow rate that the rest of the products on the list. 

VERDICT: the most beautiful and "O.G." gooseneck kettle

BONUS: The hario Buono line-up: on amazon (#CommissionsEarned):

Brewista Smart Pour Electric gooseneck kettle review

The Brewista series of kettles has gained a lot of traction in the last couple of years. It has been discovered by professional barista’s. And rightly so. It is feature-rich, reliable, and efficient. 

One of the main strong points for the Brewista Smart Pour Variable is the built-in variable temperature control. The Brewista allows you to dial in the precise temperature (in steps of 1 degree Celsius) you want, and the actual temperature of the water is displayed on the LCD. It even has a couple of preset temperatures that are commonly used. 

The speed at which the Brewista heats water isn’t particularly fast. It takes between 5 and 5 minutes to heat up 1.2 liters (or 40 oz) of water. 

On the bigger side

Like the Hario Buono, the Brewista Smart Pour Variable is also on the larger side. As said, 1.2 liters might be a bit much for home use. But no deal-breaker. The Brewista is not available in smaller sizes..

Flow rate and accuracy

The flow speed and accuracy of the kettle are excellent. You get the best possible extraction of your pour-over coffee. Not too fast, not too slow. Just the way I like it.

Brewista Smart Pour: no temperature control

Brewista offers a simplified version of the Smart Pour Variable, named the Smart Pour. This kettle has no temperature control. It is simply an electric gooseneck kettle. Of course, the Brewista is also available in a non-electric version. Without any of the temperature-related features, of course. 

Brewista Smart Pour Variable review conclusion:

The Brewista Smart Pour Variable is probably the best feature-rich electric gooseneck kettle on the market. Especially at this price point. It is more expensive than a stovetop gooseneck kettle, but the features it offers are well worth it.

VERDICT: the best overall gooseneck kettle for making pour-over coffee.

Kalita Stainless Pot gooseneck kettle review

Kalita is a Japanese coffee equipment manufacturer that has become wildly popular n the past several decades. Kalita is a variation on Melitta, a German coffee machine manufacturer Melitta. Kalita’s most popular product is the ‘Wave.’ A pour-over filter on par with the famous Hario V60.

Minimalist and effective

Kalita’s stainless steel kettle comes in various sizes. For home users, the 0.7 liters (23.6 oz) version is recommended. Its looks are understated, but beautiful in an old-fashioned way. And it pours like the best.

A few downsides

The Kalita has no electric option. So, you might be inclined to heat water in it on your stove. That’s where the Kalita falls short. Due to the small diameter of the bottom of the kettle, heating takes a long time. Customers report it takes 10 to 15 minutes to heat water in the Kalita. When the water is hot enough, the next problem arises. Being entirely made from stainless steel, the handle becomes blistering hot on the stove. When heated on the stove, the Kalita is impossible to handle without protection.

The obvious solution is to heat the water separately and fill the Kalita before pouring. That’s how I do it. 

Flow rate

The spout is narrow and offers excellent control over the water flow. The handle feels comfortable and gives you a lot of control. This the nicest pouring gooseneck kettle on the list.

Kalita Stainless Steel Pot: review conclusion

The Kalita Stainless Steel Pot is not without its problems but offers the nicest pour on the market. A real quality piece of coffee gear that won’t let you down. 

VERDICT: A great minimalist goosneck kettle for kalita fans

Steel Coffee Gooseneck Kettle review

Steel Coffee’s gooseneck kettle is the budget option for non-electric gooseneck kettles. The popularity of pour-over coffee has brought a lot of new manufacturers of coffee gear to the market. Steel coffee is one that caters to people who don’t feel the need to pay top dollar for famous brands. 

They make products that do their job. 



Although the Steel Coffee kettle is a ‘simple’ stovetop kettle, it does have some features worth mentioning. 

Boil over protection: the kettle is specifically designed to keep water from spouting out of the gooseneck while boiling water.

The lid has holes for a thermometer: a smart innovation by Steel Coffee is thermometer holes in the top of the kettle. You can monitor the heat of the water with your instant-read thermometer without removing the lid. 

Build quality

What I really like about this gooseneck kettle is its build quality. Even though this is the budget option, the kettle looks and feels like it can last a lifetime. That’s because they have kept things simple. 

A no-fuss design, quality materials, quality build. What more could you want?

Steel Coffee Gooseneck Kettle: review conclusion.

There is not much to say. The Steel Coffee gooseneck kettle is the top choice if you are on a budget and looking for a stovetop gooseneck kettle.

Verdict: the best budget stovetop gooseneck kettle

Willow & Everett Gooseneck kettle review

Just as Steel Coffee, Willow & Everett is a relatively new company on the coffee gear market. Their budgets electric gooseneck kettle has a lot of fans under home barista’s, and rightly so. 

Size-wise it is a winner for home users. 1 liter (34 oz) is the sweet spot in terms of kettle capacity. It is large enough to make multiple servings of pour-over coffee at the same time. Or a big serving using the largest Chemex, for instance.

It heats water quickly with a 1000 watt, 120-volt heating base, and without spilling due to its airtight lid design. The kettle doesn’t retain heat very well, due to the absence of proper insulation. To me, that’s not really a problem. No gooseneck kettle has excellent insulation, it’s just this particular kettle loses heat really fast. If you generally pour within a couple of minutes after boiling, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The design is simple, but it works. The pouring action for the W&E gooseneck kettle is perfectly acceptable. Not the best on the market, but still very controlled.

There is only one problem with this kettle. Some users complain that the lid is tough to remove. It is really tight. As said, this helps avoid spilling while boiling, and maybe even more crucial while pouring! But is is a bit hard to remove.

Willow & Everett gooseneck kettle: review conclusion

This little kettle from Willow & Everett may not come from one of the big names, but it sure packs a punch. Sure, it not the prettiest, not sturdiest, and the pouring action is not as good as with the more expensive models. But it is a BIG step up from a regular electric kettle for making pour-over coffee.

At this price point, you can’t go wrong.

VERDICT: best budget electric gooseneck kettle for making pour-over coffee

Honorable mention:

The Fellow Stagg EKG+ Bluetooth gooseneck kettle


I haven’t been able to test this product yet. But I am very enthusiastic about it, so I wanted to include it in this article.

The Stagg EKG is a piece of work. It is absolutely a gadget. No way I could say this is essential coffee gear. It just isn’t. This one is for the geeks.

First, it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. There is simply nothing in the gooseneck kettle that comes close to this level of design quality. Is has a distinctly minimalist look, but it breathes luxury at the same time. Available in matte black, glossy copper, and polished stainless steel.

The pouring spout is designed for the optimal pour-over flow rate. The fluted tip of the kettle ensures to-the-drop precision with no drip back. The handle is probably the most comfortable on the market with a counterbalanced design to the center of mass back towards your hand – encouraging a more relaxed, slower pouring action.

Heating water with the Stagg EKG is blazing fast. 1200 watts for a 0.9 liter (or 30 oz) capacity means lightning fast. The temperature control allows you to dial in the desired temperature to the degree (in both Fahrenheit and Celsius). Finally, it has a HOLD-mode. This will keep your water at the temperature you want for 60 minutes!

The geek-part of this kettle comes with the Bluetooth version of the kettle.  This allows you to turn the device on and off from your phone and enables you to track recipes and set temperature remotely. And last but not least, you can use the Stagg EKG+ with the Acaia Brewbar App. This app helps you dial-in your pour-overs and consistently replicate coffee recipes. It connects several types of Bluetooth kitchen scales and compatible grinders at the same time. Too much functionality to explain here, but if you are interested, you can check them out here.

There is really only one downside. The Fellow Stagg EKG+ is only useable on a 120v network and might not work properly outside the U.S. and Canada.

And, full disclosure, some customers report problems with the kettle after a couple of months of use. It’s a relatively new product, so maybe there have been some start-up issues.

I would be inclined to give the Stagg EKG+ the benefit of the doubt.

VERDICT: possible contender for best premium gooseneck kettle


Mostly, gooseneck kettles all do the same thing. They heat water so you can brew a cup of coffee (or tea). But how they heat the water and how to water flows from the kettle into your pour-over cone, Chemex, or whatever brew gear you use varies a lot.

The key lesson from this article is that there are gooseneck kettles for any budget. The higher the budget, the more features you can afford. But all kettles on this list do a great job of delivering water into your brew gear in a controlled manner. 

I hope you found this article useful. 

Caffeinated greetings,

Monsieur Coffee

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